Plastic Kitchen Knife Set 3 Pieces Red for Kids

Perfect cooking knives for kids and adults alike which will allow children to help in the kitchen without fear of cuts or accidents. The nylon knives have safe serrated cutting edges, blunt tips, and ergonomic handles and will safely cut lettuce, fruit, vegetables, cheese, cake, bread, and more.

This Plastic kitchen knife set cuts most foods, but will not cut the skin. This will allow you to get the kids involved in the kitchen from an early age without fear of accidents, allowing them to develop essential life skills and a love of food and cooking!

Nylon Knives are excellent for preparing lettuce, salads, or vegetables for both adults and kids. Will safely cut lettuce, fruit, vegetables, cheese, cake, and more. The sturdy cutting edge will easily cut through heads of lettuce and other vegetables, will slice loaves of bread, cut that big birthday cake, slice those brownies into squares, and it will even make slicing your favorite cheese and easy task. You can even use them to cut cakes & brownies!

Learning to cook from an early age gives kids the ability to choose and cook healthier foods from an early age and as a result, will enable them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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